Frequently Asked Questions about StayAtUs

Why is StayAtUs different from other hotel booking websites?

  • Because we are founded in co-creation with hotel owners and managers who want to be less dependent on the big booking sites and to offer you as a consumer fairer prices.
  • Because we don't charge commissions from hotels. This give them the changes to offer you better prices on their room rates.

Is StayAtUs safe to use?

  • Yes, our website is secured. Otherwise no hotel or hotel booking system would work with us.

Why do I need to log in to see my offers?

  • Because the major booking websites don't allow hotels to offer lower prices on public websites. This means they only may offer their lower room rates in a closed environment to you.

How do I log in?

  • You can log in with your Facebook account or your e-mail address.

Can I make a special request? For example: street view, extra bed, washing clothes, etc.

  • When you book a hotel, you can leave extra notes. The hotel will review your booking, get back to you before they send you a confirmation.

How do I know my hotel reservation is confirmed?

  • After you've booked the hotel will receive your reservation details. They will send you a confirmation within 2 hours. This confirmation voucher you can print and show it when you check in.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

  • That is depending of the hotel. The most hotels needs your credit card details to secure the reservation.

Does StayAtUs sell coupons or hotel vouchers?

  • We don't sell coupons or hotel vouchers.
  • Through StayAtUs you book your hotel rooms for discounted prices. No coupons or vouchers are needed.

When will I be charged for my reservation?

  • StayAtUs doesn't charge you the booking. You'll be paying the hotel directly by checking in or out.

How are the room rates set?

  • The hotel themselves determine their discount on the room rates.
  • These discounts vary daily or weekly depending on the availability of rooms at the hotel and competitive hotels nearby.
  • Because we don't charge commissions from hotels our rates are at least 7% lower than the big booking sites.

What if I find the same booking cheaper somewhere else?

  • Chances aren't that big, you will find the exact same room, against a better room rate. However, despite all our efforts, we cannot guarantee it definitively.

Do I need to show my confirmation by checking in the hotel?

  • It's always a good idea to have a printed copy in your suitcase. But it's not a require to check in.

Can I cancel my booking?

  • You can cancel your booking by directly contacting the hotel.

Do I pay cancellation costs?

  • That is depending of the policy you agreed upon reservation. If this is on non-refundable rate, the hotel is allowed to charge you a part or the entire amount of reservation.

Can I invite my friends to use StayAtUs?

  • Yes, of course! We would be glad to meet them;
  • StayAtUs is a community of people who love to explore;
  • People who want to stay in the best and nicest hotels for the best possible prices.
  • The more people use StayAtUs, the better!